RasMol 2.5 Molecular Graphics Package Available

Mikko Frilander frilande at cc.Helsinki.FI
Wed Nov 2 04:09:16 EST 1994

In article <393pc9$gel at matt.ksu.ksu.edu>,
Craig Behnke <cbehnke at ksu.ksu.edu> wrote:
>In article <38tr47$or4 at vixen.cso.uiuc.edu> elarson at ux1.cso.uiuc.edu (larson eric) writes:
>>We tried it yesterday and couldn't get either ribbons or stands to function
>>without the system GPFing on two different computers (a Pentium running
>>Windows and a 486/66 using OS/2).
>I have had a similar problem-- trying strands gives me a GPF. Trying ribbons 
>caused the display window to go black, but it didn't crash. I could go back 
>and switch to other modes without problem. I am using the windows compiled 
>version, on a 486-33. How about anybody else?

A similar problem also in here. Neither strands nor ribbons work. I'm
using windows version on a 486-50. 

Mikko Frilander, 
University of Helsinki, Dept. of genetic

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