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Tim Cutts tjrc1 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 2 05:04:52 EST 1994

Peter Myler <mylerpj at u.washington.edu> writes:

>On 26 Oct 1994, GUOJUN BU wrote:

>> Does anybody know a good reference management program that runs on Window and 
>> allows you to randomly pick references while writing a paper? Please give me
>> phone and/or the Fax number of the source if you happen to know. Thank you in 
>> advance!

>Reference Manager 6.0 does this very well.  You can get it from:

>Research Information Systems

>(619) 438-5526
>(619) 438-5573 (FAX)
>risinfo at ris.risinc.com (e-mail)

You can also try my reference management program, Refs, which is
shareware.  See my announcement, also in this newsgroup.  You can get
a screenshot, and the program itself, from the WWW:


or by anonymous ftp, also from cyclin.zoo.cam.ac.uk

Please e-mail me with any questions you have.


194, Vinery Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3DS, UK (+44) 1223 572622

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