3D homology modelling on WWW?

Clemens Vonrhein vonrhein at bio5.chemie.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Nov 2 09:57:59 EST 1994

In article <seow-021194002953 at port53.annex4.net.ubc.ca>, seow at unixg.ubc.ca (Kah-Tong, Seow) writes:
|> Does anyone know if there is any WWW site to access program for either 3D
|> homology modelling program or program which allow a search of PDB database
|> for 3D homology to a query 3D protein. Thanks in advance.
|> Kah-Tong, Seow
|> West East Centre
|> Univ of British Columbia
|> Vancouver
|> seow at unixg.ubc.ca
There is something like swiss-model at http://expasy.hcuge.csh.

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