Raster3d (was: Re: Molscript)

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Tue May 31 04:30:35 EST 1994

In <2s1s7i$14o at csi0.csi.uottawa.ca> misrael at grdb.csi.uottawa.ca writes:
> In article <2rvkoj$4d7 at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, Dr. M. D. Jones <mjones at crc.ac.uk> wrote:
>    I still think the best pictures are from Raster3D, which you can 
> get by anonymous ftp from "stanzi.bchem.washington.edu".

Yes, Raster3D can certainly make spectacular pictures.  The problem I
have with it is labelling.  We have used Molscript --> Raster3D and then 
to an ESV display program (whose name I have forgotten) to display images.

The problem is labelling.  The documentation we have specifically says
that labels don't get transferred by Raster3D -- and they don't.  The
last colour figure we made this way where we needed labels, we hand-
labelled using letraset.  This is _not_ a good solution!  Does anyone
have any better ideas? (I'd prefer responses by email, as I dip into
this newsgroup only occasionally.)


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