Release 1.01 of Blast Output Browser

John Powell jip at newlix.dcrt.nih.gov
Tue May 31 08:04:28 EST 1994

BoB (Blast Output Browser), release 1.01 is now available via FTP from 
milo.dcrt.nih.gov. Binary distributions for the following architectures and 
the source code are posted:

	Sun 4's running SunOS 4.1.x		
	Hewlett Packard PA-RISC, HP/UX 9.x
	DECstations running Ultrix 4.3
	Convex C38 running ConvexOS 10.2 
	SGI workstations running IRIX 4.0.5 System V
	DEC OSF/1 V1.3 

BoB is an X window application to browse through blast output results from 
either NCBI Blast server or DNA workbench server. This program is most useful 
in an environment where "bulk" Blast processing is done (for example cDNA 
projects).  The user can choose to browse one or two blast output files 
simultaneously (for example blastn and blastx). While browsing through 
results, the user can simultaneously view alignments, view the blast output 
file, view the actual database entry and selectively choose the hits to 

The SUN and CONVEX distribution include binaries for retrieving selected hits
from the NCBI network Entrez server.  All distributions include programs to
utilize the 'remote control' feature of Mosaic to retrieve selected entries
from the NCBI WWW Entrez server.

A few bugs were fixed from the earlier release. It now handles the blast 
results returned using the filter switch with echofilter enabled. Fixed a 
bug with saving/printing of 'subjects' with multiple hits and another with
printing of alignments. 

To obtain BoB: 
On your machine, 'cd' to the directory where you want to install bob.

ftp milo.dcrt.nih.gov  // or: ftp
   Name: anonymous
   Password: [your email address]

ftp> cd /pub/bob/R1.01
ftp> binary
ftp> get BoB_R1.01_sun4.tar.Z
         (or the distribution for your architecture)
ftp> quit

zcat BoB_R1.01_sun4.tar.Z | tar xf - 
 (or the distribution for your architecture)

(Now the program is run by just invoking the script 'bob'.)

Check out the README, BoB.man (nroff-formatted) and BoB.guide for more 
information on BoB. 

BoB contacts: Parasa Venkateswara Rao, parasa at alw.nih.gov
              John Powell, jip at helix.nih.gov

------- Rao

Parasa Venkateswara Rao 		Phone: (301) 402-3207
Building 12A, Room 2024			FAX  : (301) 402-2867
National Institutes of Health		
Bethesda, MD 20892			Internet: parasa at alw.nih.gov

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