Is GeneJockey II copy protected?

Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Fri May 27 23:59:06 EST 1994

In article <1994May27.193133.15843 at ousrvr.oulu.fi> ojtv at sun3.oulu.fi (Olli Vuolteenaho) writes:
>The subject line says it all (we are planning to buy GeneJockey II,
>but won't do it if it's been made copy-protected or otherwise crippled).

GeneJockey II can be copied over and over again.  I use it here and we have 
it installed on 3 different Macs in our lab.  (You must buy it of course).
As an aside, I highly reccomend it!  Very easy to use.  Many useful options 
for pair or multiple alignments.  Sequence contigs provided.  By-eye 
alignments possible even after alignment by algorithm.  Clustal included.
Reasonably fast.  User-defined colorcoding of bases/aminoacids.
Allows searches for restriction sites and searches for suitable probe or primer 
sites (including allowing you to specify the relative GC richness and
automatic avoidance of internal complementarity or 5'/3' problems).

It tends to over-estimate the time needed to process a multiple alignment
by Clustal (better than underestimating).  Multiple fonts allowed.
Cut and paste options very useful and if you paste in a sequence
downloaded from Genbank (for example) you can have it automatically
clean up the sequence (i.e., removing numbers and other unwanted characters
in the sequence).

Very much worth the investment.


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