Free Protein Visualization Software for SGI or Sun?

Dr. Barry Phipps phi at nrcbsa.bio.nrc.ca
Wed May 25 07:24:20 EST 1994

Sam Barnett (salbarne at silver.ucs.indiana.edu) wrote:
: I am looking for a public domain program for displaying protein
: structures on either an SGI or Sun workstation.  Any help would be
: greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

SETOR is a superb program for displaying macromolecules and is available
to non-profit users for a small nominal fee.  It is described in an article
by Stephen Evans in J.  Molecular Graphics, vol 11, pages 134-138, 1993.  It
allows the display of various kinds of solid models ("ropes", "secondary
structure a la Jane Richardson", "stick", "CPK") and a wide range of
colouring methods (including changing the background).  It can display
Connolly surfaces and electron density maps (with varying line widths if you
so desire).  It has a complete range of captioning and labelling
possibilities.  It can have multiple light sources (including coloured lights
if you so desire) and one can vary the degree of smoothness of the model and
have antialiasing of your final image.  Finally it can save output direct to
an RGB file (including automatic cropping to the 2/3 ratio of 35mm slide
film).  SETOR is only available for SGI machines.  Information about SETOR
can be obtained from Stephen Evans at elmo at nrcbsa.bio.nrc.ca.



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