Help! Anyone familiar with BCD signal output?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Thu May 26 11:06:54 EST 1994

Dr. P.L. Taylor (ptaylor at crc.ac.uk) wrote:
: >We have an instrument (a luminometer) that, acccording to the manual, has
: >a "BCD signal output suitable for interface with Apple II and other 
: >compatible data systems." The connector for this output is a Centronics
: >style connector. However, we do not have an Apple II.

: BCD stands for Binary Coded Decimal.  It's an old-fashioned way of representing
: data where in a parallel interface, each 4 lines represent one decimal digit.
: The Apple II was an ideal machine to handle this kind of data, since its
: 6502 processor had a dedicated mode for BCD arithmetic.  You cannot feed this
: signal to a Mac since it has no parallel port.  You probably could send it to
: a PC, but you would need some software to make sense of it.  Probably the
: simplest way to deal with it (albeit expensive) would be to use the analogue
: output, sending it to an analogue data-collection card in the computer.

Maybe it would be cheaper to buy a used Apple II? (Remember the good old
times when acronyms like GUI were unknown? :-)


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