wanted: free/shareware ref mgr for Windows

John Watson ajwatson at romeo.caltech.edu
Thu May 26 16:51:58 EST 1994

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> > Does anyone know of a good freebie or cheapie reference manager for
> > Windows?  I really need it for writing papers and my thesis, but the
> > commercial packages seem to be very expensive.  Thanks in advance.
> I used Papyrus - from Research Software Design, for several years and found it 
> to be a very good value (it costs $99).  Version 7 is a DOS program, but works 
> well with all Windows word processors.  Its only limitation is an inability to 
> deal with symbols well -- which is basically a Windows/Ascii problem.

I'll throw my $0.02 for Papyrus in as well.  Is able to import from a wide
variety of database formats, or you can write your own import format.   It
behaves well with Windows.  Plus the Dave Goldman at RDI in Portland is
accesible and helpful with problems, suggestions and the like.

John Watson
Caltech Biology
Pasadena, CA 91125
ajwatson at romeo.caltech.edu

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