DolPhinS-1.0, a Display PostScript client w/ a WWW interface

Leland Ellis leland at straylight.tamu.edu
Wed May 25 20:20:42 EST 1994



	DolPhinS is a Display PostScript client developed by Jeff Kirk (jkirk@
	keck.tamu.edu) and Leland Ellis (leland at straylight.tamu.edu) at the W.M.
	Keck Center for Genome Informatics at the Institute of Biosciences and
	Technology, Texas A&M University, Houston.

	DolPhinS is designed to provide a modular, readily extensible graphical
	user interface to information, and Genome Informatics in particular,
	and utilizes the strengths of the PostScript language to render informa-
	tion, and the World-Wide Web (via an interface with NCSA's Mosaic) to
	access distributed information and databases.

	DolPhins is provided herein as a statically compiled binary, which
	runs under Sun Solaris 2.3, and requires the X/DPS server of 2.3:

	At this URL,


	your will find more information about DolPhinS, including how to unpack,
	install and configure DolPhinS, and Help.

	Included in the tar file are example PostScript (.ps) and Keck-IBT
	DolPhinS files (.ki) for viewing.  These files can be loaded from the
	command line, or use the "Load File" option in DolPhinS.


	DolPhinS, Dfend and all associated files and binaries are covered by
	the following license agreement:

	Copyright (c) 1994 Jeff R. Kirk and Leland Ellis
	Distibuted under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License.
	The file "COPYING" included in this distribution contains a copy of
	the GNU License.

Leland Ellis, Ph.D.
Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Director, W.M. Keck Center for Genome Informatics
Institute of Biosciences and Technology
Texas A&M University
2121 Holcombe
Houston, Texas  77030
email: leland at straylight.tamu.edu
URL:   http://straylight.tamu.edu/straylight.html
GenomeMOO:  telnet://straylight.tamu.edu:7777/
MOOmail:  Wizard in GenomeMOO, Julian_Sorel in LambdaMOO

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