Any Mac Programs for protein visualization ?

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> > I would like to know if there is any Macintosh programs available for protein modeling and/or visualization that can use PDB data as input file ? Of course, I would be interested to get the cheepest as well as the best !...
> > Thanks to any of you who may help me !
> There is a program called KINEMAGE which is currently being used in
> conjunction with the journal "Protein Science" to display and
> manipulate protein images for articles published in the journal.  A
> separate program PREKIN generates the data files for the viewer from a
> standard PDB format file.
> These programs are free and can be obtained from ftp (ftp.uci.edu),
> gopher (ftp.uci.edu 1071), or WWW Mosaic
> (//ftp.uci.edu:1071/11/protein).

MACINPLOT reads pdb files and draws the structure in any form you
may want. MacInPlot will also output PICTs and QuickTime movies
of the structure.

MacInPlot can be anonymously FTPed from sgro at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu
or downloaded from http://bogie.bio.purdue.edu/

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