boxshade 2.7 released

Lee F. FrankKolakowski lfk at receptor.mgh.harvard.edu
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On 25 May 1994 09:31:28 -0700,
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> At 08:36 AM 05/25/94 +0000, Kay Hofmann wrote:
>>Dear present (or future?) BOXSHADE users,
>>I just finished working on a new (and slightly improved) release of this
>>program. It is used for creating pretty plots from the output of multple
>>alignment programs. It supports several multiple alignment formats and
>>several output devices, see below for more details.
>>The new version (2.7) is for users of DOS, VMS and OSF1 machines.
> [rest deleted]

> Is there anything comparable available for Unix or Mac systems?

> thanx in advance,
> Helge

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