YARN for BioMoo freaks

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Mon May 23 05:58:06 EST 1994

I just had a look at YARN down under. It is a sort of souped up IRC
which works under Xwindows. The GUI is nice, and it does logs of
chats which you can review. Check it out if you have the hardware
to support Xwindows. I like it.

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In <2rr2rk$njl at surf.kowande.Bond.edu.au> tkwoo at spider.it.Bond.edu.au 
(Tak Woo) writes:

Dear Internet Users,

Our Yarn demo Server is now available for login via XMosaic.
For those who are new to the system, Yarn is a text based real 
time electronic meeting system. Users can login via telnet or 
by using one of our Yarn GUI clients on Windows NT and X Windows.
For more information about the Yarn Server, please look up the WWW page:
To login via XMosaic, you need to be running NCSA XMosaic 2.0 or later,
on a workstation with X11R4 or later. Connect to the WWW page:

Follow the instructions and a Motif or Xterm Yarn client window should 
appear on your screen shortly. Due to resource limitations, only 20 external
clients can login via XMosaic at the same time.  

For help or more information about our WWW services, please e-mail Tak Woo
at t.woo at dstc.edu.au.
Thank you.


Tak Woo                                   Email: t.woo at dstc.edu.au
CRC for Distributed Systems Technology
Bond University                           Phone: +61 (0)75 953301
Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA                     Fax  : +61 (0)75 915609 
                WWW: http://dstc.Bond.edu.au:91776/tkwoo.html 

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