Drawing packages

Jonathan Reizer jreizer at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Sat May 21 10:20:41 EST 1994


I would greatly appreciate your recommendations, opinions, comments,
etc., regarding drawing packages for the IBM PC platform.  I have tried
few but each has its "bag" of problems.  Recently I tried Canvas for 
Windows and although it's not bad, it is still very buggy, especially
when importing images from other sources/formats, and it is very slow.
Before I go out there (again!) and waste my childrens' inheritance, I
thought about getting some impressions from other people and your 
comments/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I usually prefer
something that has the look and feel of the equivalent of MacDraw for
the Mac rather than something like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. 

Thanks in advance for any information,

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