DNASTAR for Windows

Betty Kutter t4phage at u.washington.edu
Thu May 19 12:19:35 EST 1994

I am not even certain that DNA* for Windows has been released but you can 
check with you local rep easily enough to find that out.  I helped out 
with beta testing the product and found it to be comparable with the
mac version although it was still in beta and had problems at that point 
with some things.  But of course those problems are what beta testing is 
supposed to remove.  Someone who knows what DNA* for Macintosh looks like 
will not be disappointed with DNA* for Windows (unless of course you don't 
like it:)  For someone is who uses DNA* for DOS then you will have a different 
interface and capabilities to get accustomed to, it is my desire that 
more of the nice features the DOS version has would migrate to the GUI 
versions.  Once the product is shipping though I expect it will be a 
solid set of programs, the only new work to be done would be the windows 
interface, everything else has been done on the Mac and in the DOS 
version.  I don't work for DNA* I am just well acquainted with the 
programs and the company and like them both.

Tom Stidham
t4phage at u.washington.edu
stidhamt at elwha.evergreen.edu 

In bionet.software you write:

>Hello Folks,
>                  I know that locally running DNA software is going out of 
>fashion but I still find it useful. I have seen adverts for DNASTAR for 
>Windows does anyone have any experience of it. A number of people around me 
>have the mac version and love it. I never beleive in buying v1.0 of anything 
>so considering that its around £1500 for one license I would be grateful for 
>any guidance. Thanks....

>Chris Jones

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