DNASTAR for Windows

Lukasz Salwinski lukasz at wlheye.jsei.ucla.edu
Fri May 20 10:27:06 EST 1994

DNA* for Windows is out. I've got the demo (ie suicidal ;) version.
The programs are nice but buggy. Especially printing routines. 
DNA* has problems printing non-horizontal text (ie labels on circ
plasmid maps) on LJIIP, color output for Tektronics Phaser II
is limited. I've also had some problems with reading files -
sequence files created by one module can't be read by other modules.
Not to mention crashing the program couple of times (but which program
do NOT crash under Windows ? :(

My final conclusion is DNA* for Windows is a fine set of programs 
but still too buggy to be marketing ready...


PS. These are ony MY impressions after playing with the demo.
    If you want to try it  give DNA* a call - they
    offer a free 30 day (self terminating) demo version of 
    the program. 

    ....life's complex. It has real and imaginary parts ....
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  Jules Stein Eye Institute,UCLA        phone: (310) 206-8831

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