SGI graphics at X-terminal?

Christopher Cilley cdcilley at oxytricha.mit.edu
Wed May 18 21:49:44 EST 1994

In article <Pine.3.89.9405180737.A21365-0100000 at green>, agustin at green.harvard.edu (Agustin de la Calle) writes:
|> Dear colleagues,
|> We are experiencing some old problems that don't allow us to redirect the 
|> graphical output of a program running on the SGI machine so that we can 
|> watch it on an X-windows terminal (NCD). Before I declare this problem an 
|> unavoidable fact I would like to ask you if there is such a solution to 
|> this. 
|> Whenever the display is redirected with 
|> 		setenv DISPLAY "new_IP_address":0.0
|> and the program tries to open the output window it responds with the error:
|> 		gdgl error (TCP connect): connection refused
|> dgl error (default ini) : default dglopen ("new_IP_address":0.0,4)returned-127  
|> I am glad for every help in this matter. 
|> Thanks in advance,
|> 	Agustin

Anytime you get a 'dgl' error you cannot run it on an X terminal.  GL is SGI's, um,
emerging standard for a graphics language.  If you are trying to run 3rd party software,
you might ask if they have an X version as well as a GL version.  We run the Biosym
software and the distribution contains both.  If it's one of the IRIX programs (like
jot) you are out of luck and will have to find some pd software that will do the
trick for you (like emacs ;-).


	- Christopher

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"People who don't fight the unjust condemnation of others 

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