Immunoassay Software

Jim Napier napierj at ruakura.cri.nz
Thu May 19 14:04:32 EST 1994

A am working in a lab where we are doing RIAs and other assays involving the 
use of iodine-125.  I am interested in hearing from anybody who knows of 
software which will carry out the following tasks:
1.  calculate radioactivity remaining in a sample after a set time  (ie 
utilise the isotope decay equation).
2. calculate percentage of tracer bound in both those assays where bound 
counts are precipitated and also those where free counts are precipitated.
3. assay setup routines where reagent vols. are calculated on the basis of the 
number of samples/standards etc to be assayed.

I am not after hi-end software, and a graphical presentation of results is not 
required.  I am really looking to see what utilitarian packages are available. 
I am fully aware of software such as RIACALC etc, which also will "drive" 
gamma and beta counters.  We have such software ourselves.

It is often very handy though, to just go to an appropriate program and get 
some quick results.

Routines in BASIC would do just fine.

***An alternative***:  
I have been considering writing some programs along these 
lines myself.  Would there be any interest in such programs out there?  What 
would such programs be worth?

Please call at my E-Mail address, or write to:
Jim Napier
AgRerearch, Ruakura Agricultural Centre,
Private Bag 3123,
Hamilton, New Zealand.

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