SGI graphics at X-terminal?

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at rigel.bmc.uu.se
Wed May 18 15:57:05 EST 1994

In article <Pine.3.89.9405180737.A21365-0100000 at green>, agustin at green.harvard.edu (Agustin de la Calle) writes:
|> Dear colleagues,
|> We are experiencing some old problems that don't allow us to redirect the 
|> graphical output of a program running on the SGI machine so that we can 
|> watch it on an X-windows terminal (NCD). Before I declare this problem an 
|> unavoidable fact I would like to ask you if there is such a solution to 
|> this. 
|> Whenever the display is redirected with 
|> 		setenv DISPLAY "new_IP_address":0.0
|> and the program tries to open the output window it responds with the error:
|> 		gdgl error (TCP connect): connection refused
|> dgl error (default ini) : default dglopen ("new_IP_address":0.0,4)returned-127  
|> I am glad for every help in this matter. 
|> Thanks in advance,
|> 	Agustin

If your software uses gl (SGI graphics language) i don't think
you will be able to use an X terminal as the display.
If your software uses X, you could try typing "xhost +" at the
machine whose display you're using.


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