GCG: where is the ftpable manual?

chod21633 at ggr.co.uk chod21633 at ggr.co.uk
Wed May 18 04:22:34 EST 1994

I wonder if Mike Oda is enquiring after the AFRC training manual available
on the EMBL file server.

>> Howdy,
>>       I was told by a friend that the GCG manual is available on an
>> anon. FTPable site and I was wondering if anyone out there knew if this
>> was true.  If is true, I really would appreciate the address.

If so send a mail to netserv at embl-heidelberg.de containing the text


(From the help file:)
>    o   AFRC_MAN.UAA            - AFRC training manual in molecular biology
>                                  software, focussing on the GCG software
>                                  package (Cary O'Donnell), Sep 1993
>                                  (Unix-compress, tar, sent in 6 parts
>                                    .UAA to .UAF).

You will be mailed several uu-encoded files which decode to a unix tar
file. The tar file then contains Postcript files for a training manual.

An updated version of this document is nearing completion and I hope to
make this available as Word-for windows source very soon.

Cary "wary of promises" O'Donnell

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