neural network modelling

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Mon May 16 11:59:43 EST 1994

Peter D. Brodfuehrer (pbrodfue at cc.brynmawr.edu) wrote:
: I am looking for a neuron and network simulator for Macintosh computers.  I
: want to a reciprocal inhibitory connection.  Any suggestions!


      A neural network simulator for the Apple Macintosh. Available for ftp
      from ftp.cs.colorado.edu [] as

I am not sure whether this one can do reciprocal inhibitory connection; there 
is another Mac simulator called DartNet but this sould do only backpropagation 
- more info in the periodic posting archive on host rtfm.mit.edu
 on FAQ in comp.ai.neural-nets from Lutz Prechelt at University of Karlsruhe. 
Look in the anonymous ftp directory "/pub/usenet/news.answers", the filename 
should be neural-net-faq or similar. 


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