neural network modelling

Anthony Berno aberno at genome.stanford.edu
Mon May 16 11:31:51 EST 1994

In article <pbrodfue-120594110939 at biomac7.brynmawr.edu>,
pbrodfue at cc.brynmawr.edu (Peter D. Brodfuehrer) wrote:

> I am looking for a neuron and network simulator for Macintosh computers.  I
> want to a reciprocal inhibitory connection.  Any suggestions!

NeuralWorks, by NeuralWare, is a fairly complete system that will probably
do everything you want, but it's quite expensive.

I was using the source code from the book _Neural Network Recipes in C++_
by Tim Masters, although that only has regular feedforward and Kohonen
networks. There are reasonably liberal licensing policies, though, so the
code can be redistributed if you ask them.

Try asking on comp.ai.neural-nets.


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