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                      Software Announcement
                         GREGOR and KIN
                          May 13, 1994

New versions of GREGOR (v 1.4.0) and KIN (v 1.0.2) are available.

GREGOR and KIN are software packages described in the Journal of
Heredity, 84(3):237-238.  GREGOR is a menu-driven program for
performing various types of genetic simulation.  KIN is a program
for computing kinship (co-ancestry) coefficients from pedigree
data using flexible assumptions about the inbreeding level of
each entry. Both programs are free.  Both pieces of software can
be obtained by anonymous ftp from the following location:

Look for          pub/McGill-Contrib/GREGOR.ZIP

As an alternative to ftp, gopher users can download the programs
directly from the graingenes gopher server, where Dave Matthews
has kindly made them available.  Graingenes is located at

               greengenes.cit.cornell.edu port 70

where GREGOR and KIN can be found under the menu item

                     "software for genetics"

The files are binary, and they are in PKZIP* format.  Each ZIP
also includes documentation.  If you do not have the PKZIP
program, it is available from the graingenes gopher.


c/o Nick Tinker or Diane Mather
Department of Plant Science
McGill University, Macdonald Campus
21,111 Lakeshore, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
Qu‚bec, H9X 3V9, CANADA

FAX: 514-398-7897

EMail: Diane Mather:  mather at agradm.lan.mcgill.ca
       Nick Tinker:   tinker at agradm.lan.mcgill.ca

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