Size of 3' nontraslated DNA?

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In article 120594131615 at cyclid.demon.co.uk, lyons at cyclid.demon.co.uk (Alan Lyons) writes:
> Does anyone know from experience or from a database search, what the
> average size and/or distribution of sizes of the 3' nontranslated region of
> cloned genes.

For vertebrates, see:
Smith M.W. (1988) J. Mol. Evol 27:45-55
    "Structure of vertebrate genes: a statistical analysis implicating selection"

According to Smith, the average 3'UTR length is 205 nt, with only 5% < 50 nt and  
5% > 1070 nt.

For other taxons, I don't have any idea, but it is likely to be very different.

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