I can't use HQX! HOW DO I?

PMacklon macklon at acs.ucalgary.ca
Wed May 11 16:26:44 EST 1994

In article <2qr6jk$87i at netnews.upenn.edu>, smoore at mail.sas.upenn.edu (Sean
David Moore) wrote:

> I posted a few days ago regarding the hqx files...I was told to get an
> unstuffer...
> I got stuffit lite from heidelberg, it seems fine....
> It still doesn't open the damn hqx files.
>  I am supposed to activate stuffit,
> then, under file choose to open the compressed file correct?
> it doesn't list the file I have downloaded!
> This is a real pain.

Stuffit lite is fine for files that have been so compressed (and have a
".sit" extension.  As someone else pointed out: Fetch (and other internet
tools) will decode .hqx files on retrieval, however you have obviously not
used such a tool and are stuck with a file in this format.

When that happens you need to use (predictably enough) Binhex 4.0, NOT 5.0
(usually - I forget the exact explanation).  This should be readily
available out on the net somewhere.  Fire it up and select "upload to
application" and away she goes!!

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