WPDB - The Protein Data Bank through Microsoft Windows - Beta Testers Sought

Tue May 10 13:12:19 EST 1994

             WPDB - The Protein Data Bank through Microsoft Windows
                              Beta Testers Sought

WPDB is a macromolecular structure query tool which is designed to
complement the features found in software like Rasmol, Kinemage and 
PDBshell. Some of the features are as follows:

	o 20-fold compression. The latest PDB release (2 CD's - Jan. 1994)
	  minus REMARK records, all but the first member of an NMR ensemble,
	  and only the first alternate atom location can be compressed 
	  into approximately 40 MB. 
	o Real-time query based on text string searches of PDB record types,
	  sequence patterns, and secondary structure according to the
	  method of Kabsch and Sander.
	o Interoperable display objects, currently 3-D renderer, contact
	  maps, and sequence profile analysis (volume, polarity, 
	  isoelectric point, hydrophobicity, mean exposure and isotropic
	  temperature factors). Interoperable implies that a selection 
	  made in one object will be propagated to other visible display

WPDB functions best on an Intel 486/33 processor or above with a color 
monitor and requires DOS and Windows.

If you are interested in testing WPDB please send a mail message to
wpdb at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu indicating your mailing address and 
field of interest. The beta test will include a database of 100
structures and a detailed manual.

WPDB was designed, written and produced by Ilya Shindyalov and Phil Bourne.


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