need mac help downloading

mobulacc at CATS.UCSC.EDU mobulacc at CATS.UCSC.EDU
Tue May 10 15:42:04 EST 1994

> I would like some info on the hqx format for the MAcintosh.  I am familiar
> with ZIP used for DOS files.  Almost all of the programs are in hqx, and i
> don't know how to use them...
> Thanks in advance.
If you have Fetch, then you are set.  It will automatically decode the
*.hqx files as you download them to your mac.  However, this can (often)
slows down the transfer speed incredibly. If you dont have Fetch, you will
need additional utilities.  Stuffit Expander is a good one if all you
are concerned about is expanding the files for use.  If you are wanting
to compress and encode your own files, then I might suggest using
Stuffit Lite for that.

*.hqx files are encoded using binhex for the macintosh.  I am not a
computer scientist, therefore, I do not understand the coding much more
than that.  I do know that such things as Stuffit are utilities similar
to things like gunzip for unix. 

hope this helps a little bit.

	-Torea M. Bent-VanEvery
	mobulacc at cats.ucsc.edu

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