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In article <9403091410571144 at bbs.puc.edu> you write:
>    First of all, I have to wonder why such important projects like
>studies of human genes should have shortage of funds.  I do not
>understand why the United States spends so much money on extraneous
>things for example, giving millions of dollars of "aid" to other
>countries who can never pay us back.  Especially when many times the
>"aid" we give is misused and abused in that country.  If the U.S.
>would mind its won business and quit emphasizing foreign policy so
>much than there would be mooney so that important projects like
>the Human Genome Project would be able to carry out its task.

I suggest you don't publish your scientific results, so that all those 
nasty "aided" people can't use them.

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