Homologous Vertebrate Genes Data Base: new release

Laurent Duret duret at evoserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Mon May 9 08:07:58 EST 1994

                Homologous Vertebrate Genes Data Base

                        Release 6 (May 9 1994) 

               from GenBank Release 82 (April 15 1994)


The new release is available by anonymous FTP at 

		biom3.univ-lyon1.fr	  (

in the directory 

HOVERGEN is a database of homologous vertebrate genes. HOVERGEN allows one to 
easily select sets of homologous genes among a given set of vertebrate species.
        HOVERGEN corresponds to all nuclear vertebrate sequences  of 
GenBank, with some data corrected, clarified, or completed, notably to address 
the problem of redundancy. Coding sequences have been classified in gene 
families. Protein multiple alignments and phylogenetic trees have been 
calculated for each family. 
        Sequences and related information have been structured in an ACNUC 
database. A program named "query" allows to make complex selections in the 
ACNUC database according to any information clearly declared (keywords, 
bibliography, taxonomy, etc.). Selection criteria can be combined with boolean 
        A graphical interface has been developed to visualize and edit trees. 
Genes are displayed in color, according to their taxonomy. Users have directly 
access to all information attached to sequences (either from GenBank or specific
of HOVERGEN), or multiple alignments simply by clicking on genes. This graphical tool gives thus a rapid and simple access to all data necessary to interpret 
homology relationships between genes: phylogenetic trees of gene families, 
taxonomy,  GenBank information and protein multiple alignments.
        HOVERGEN is particularly useful for:
        - comparative sequence analysis
        - phylogeny
        - molecular evolution studies

        More generaly, HOVERGEN gives an overall view of what is known about 
a particular gene family.

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