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Rob Hooft hooft at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert M Smith <rmsmith at unix.amherst.edu> writes:
In article <2q464e$9s2 at amhux3.amherst.edu> rmsmith at unix.amherst.edu (Robert M. Smith) writes:

    Robert>   I am interested in acquiring protein viewing software
    Robert> for a PC.  I use an SGI Iris with Quanta and CHARMm at lab
    Robert> but would like to be able to view certain results
    Robert> graphically from home.  Ideally, I would like something
    Robert> that would allow me to display color SVGA stick figures,
    Robert> rotate them, and even display van der Waals radii (as
    Robert> dots, not solids).  High resolution and the ability to
    Robert> rotate are essential as is low cost (<$200).  Any
    Robert> assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

What a pity. The WHAT IF program, developed by Gert Vriend, is since a
few months also available for MS/DOS. The academic site-license for
the package (not restricted to 1 computer-architecture), costs

But then it does also serious protein modelling, not only viewing. And
the user-interface is the same, whether it runs on MS/DOS, Linux, SGI,
ALPHA, SUN, Bruker, ESV, PS300, NeXT, HP, ....


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