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> Hi,
> Can anybody tell me which is the last version of Rasmol? From where can it be
>  obtained by FTP? and finally, how many atoms can it handle? Thanks.

Not exactly on topic, but....if your'e trying to visualize PDB files and 
if you access to an SGI w/ 24 bit color, you should definitely try out
Setor (info below).  It is very easy to use, has almost unimaginable
options for lighting, presentation, color, transparency, etc, and is free
to academix (or at least for the price of a fax and letter).  Extraordinary
piece of software.

Begins (letter from author to me after I requested info on Setor):

I would be happy to let you have a copy of the programs in the Setor
package.  However, Setor will only run on Silicon Graphics IRIS 4D
machines with 24 bit RGB or 24 bit RGB emulation.  You can check the
graphics hardware of your machine using "hinv" (hardware inventory)
which will report the "graphics board".  I must also tell you that
at the present time the I can only give out object codes.

I will let you have a copy of the object codes as soon as I receive
your written assurance (on Institutional letterhead) that:

 - you will not change the name of the programs in any way,

 - you will only use the programs for academic purposes,

 - you will not allow others to copy the programs (execute permission

 - you will cite the use of the programs in any publications
   which benefits from their use.

 - and you will impose the above conditions on anyone who uses
   your copies of the programs.

Finally, for licencing purposes I must have the output of the
program "/etc/sysinfo" for each machine on which you wish to run
Setor.  (This is a 64x1 byte array which uniquely identifies the 
hardware of each machine.)  Once I have this information I will let
you know how you can get the programs (free of charge) over internet,
and as the programs are updated whenever bugs are found I will advise
you when the updates (also free of charge) are available.

If you would like to have the programs as soon as possible then
please FAX me a copy of your letter before you mail it to the address
shown below.  I look forward to your reply.  

Best regards,

Steve Evans

Dr Stephen V. Evans
311-280 Brittany Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1K 4M4

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