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plxigpg at vax.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk plxigpg at vax.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Fri May 6 07:07:06 EST 1994

Bill wrote:
>Or you can simply download the ps file directly to your printer using the
LaserWriter Font Utility (from Apple). We do this process here and it works

Where can I get the LaserWriter Font utility? Does it come with the printer?

I have been trying to use postscript from GCG onto a Laserwriter and I've
been getting som eweird results.
Basically what I have been doing is printing to a postscript file, FTPing
it across and opening it up using CA Cricket Draw III. I then simply send it to 
the printer (using send postscript) and some of the time it works 
but mainly it causes the computer (a MAC) to crash. Why is this? 
I've used 'print postscript errors' to get around any errors in the file
but it is still crashing every so often.

Any ideas?


Plxigpg at ccc.nottingham.ac.uk

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