kinetics simulation

Pedro Mendes prm at aber.ac.uk
Fri May 6 06:18:42 EST 1994

springer at molbiol.ox.ac.uk writes:

>Is there such a thing as a good mathematical package that will simulate 
>numerical solutions of differential equations, like Michaelis-Menten and all 
>the more complicated ones?

If you want to use a PC with Windows, you can use my metabolic simulator 
GEPASI. This is a dedicated simulation program (unlike Mathematica et al.) 
that uses the language of enzyme kinetics and metabolic control analysis, 
builds the ODEs automatically from the kinetic functions or reaction 
mechanisms and solves them. The program can be linked with GNUPLOT for 
producing plots of the simulation results and these can also be read into 
spreadsheet programs for further manipulation.

If you want to try GEPASI, download it from:


This is free software and the source code is available from the same site.

Hope this helps
Pedro Mendes
prm at aber.ac.uk

PS-  the newsgroup bionet.metabolic-reg also deals with the subject of 
kinetics simulations (and in general metabolic simulations).

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