kinetics simulation

Christen Tobias christo1 at fmi.ch
Fri May 6 01:48:01 EST 1994

Michaelis Menten sounds like you will not gonna extend your 
problem-description to a PDE-system, therefore any math-package like
Maple, Mathematica or (!) Matlab are able to help you on.

However you might even think of very nice interfaces to build your ODE-sets
graphically, here I would recommend a Matlab-Simulink^ or Stella(=IThink)^^
software alot more packages of this sort exist but I don´t remember
their names...

Programs like Maple , Mathematica, and Matlab you might even get in your
neighbourly scientific-bookstore.

Cheers Tobias 

^ = Mathworks
^^ = High Perfromance Systems (Hanover, NH)
                        Tobias F. Christen
			c/o Ciba Ltd
			Ph 2.2423
			4002 Basel (Switzerland)

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