physiology software

Thu May 5 16:53:20 EST 1994

	We just got an NSF grant to allow us to buy nine physiology 
stations which will include computers, all accompaningy transducers and a 
physiograph.  I'm interested in two things.  Does anyone out there do 
physiology with computers and transducers and if so, do you use Macs or 
PCs?  Which of those do you think is more user friendly?  WHich is more 
powerful?  In short, which do you recommend?  Secondly, which software do 
you recommend?  I see LabView as the "default" but am curious if it 
really is the best out there for basic physiological studies.  I'd really 
appreciate any input.  Thanks in advance.

Janet Ott, Ph. D.  
Lab I 
The Evergreen State College  
Olympia, Wa. 98505
206-866-6000, x6019   
ottj at elwha.evergreen.edu

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