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ALEJANDRO MUJICA alejo at ciens.ula.ve
Wed May 4 13:24:32 EST 1994

Rob Smith writes:

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  I am interested in acquiring protein viewing software for a PC.  I use
an SGI Iris with Quanta and CHARMm at lab but would like to be able to view
certain results graphically from home.  Ideally, I would like something
that would allow me to display color SVGA stick figures, rotate them,
and even display van der Waals radii (as dots, not solids).  High
resolution and the ability to rotate are essential as is low cost
(<$200).  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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Hypercube's HyperChem is not so cheap, but it's pretty good for constructing
proteins and nucleic acids. It also perfoms some complex chemical 
calculations and it reads files from the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank.

Realease 3 runs for both PCs and SGIs.

Enclosed, you'll find the anounce of the last release from hypercube.

see you


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