gel analysis and databases

DVORAH ART dvorah at agri.huji.ac.il
Tue May 3 07:32:00 EST 1994

  One of our faculty members has just purchased a gel documenting
system (ie. a light table, a camera, a printer and an "imaging
processor" that creates tiff files.)

  He wants to purchase software for analysis of his 1-D gels, and
wants to extract the position and molecular weight information from a
lane, store it (as a lane?)in a database, and use the database to tell
him if he's seen a particular pattern before.

  He is accustomed to using IBM-PC clones, but he also has at his
disposal (if necessary) a VAX running VMS & a Silicon Graphics Indy. I
have some names of PC, Mac, and Unix based gel analysis software, but
I'd like to get a list of software that "you out there" are aware of,
have used, your experiences with it, and contact people. (For both
commercial and academic software).

  I am particularly in the dark about using database software for this
purpose, and about how pattern matching is done. I have before me a
brochure for UVP's GelMatch, but the brochure doesn't give info about
how comparisons are done. If anyone has references to articles on the
subject (in addition to names of software and contacts) I'd be happy
to get them.

  Please send info directly for me, and if the info is useful, I'll
reorganize and repost.

Deborah Art-Weisman
Computer Center - Faculty of Agriculture
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

dvorah at agri.huji.ac.il

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