Enhancements to the AllAll server at ETHZ

CompBioResGrp cbrg at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 27 04:08:59 EST 1994

Enhancements to the AllAll server at ETHZ

A preliminary version of the ParsePrediction routine has been added to
the all-against-all e-mail server at ETHZ. In addition, the SIAPrediction
routine has been updated and improved.

If ParsePrediction is requested, each position of a multiple protein
alignment is checked wether it might be involved in a break of standard
secondary structure elements (e.g. strands or helices). The strength of
identified parse positions is reported with up to five stars. Multiple
parse positions, in a row, indicate a break in secondary structure much
better than isolated parse positions.

Together with the SIAPrediction routine, the ParsePrediction routine
allows the prediction of secondary structure elements of a protein family
according to the ETH method. For a complete example see [1]. For the
afterwards solved X-ray structure see [2].

For more information, send the message "Help" or "Help AllAll" to

cbrg at inf.ethz.ch


[1] D.L. Gerloff, T.F. Jenny, L.J. Knecht, S.A. Benner: A Secondary
    Structure Prediction of the Hemorrhagic Metalloprotease Family.
    Biochem. Biophys. Res Commun., 194 (1993) 560-565.

[2] F.-X. Gomis-Rueth, L. F. Kress, W. Bode: First structure of a 
    snake venom metalloproteinase -  A prototype for matrix metallo-
    EMBO J., 12 (1993) 4151-4157.

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