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Mon Jun 27 04:00:39 EST 1994

Dear netters,

I used for some time to download through Gopher the weekly updates of the EMBL 
databank from the EMBL server at Heidelberg. One merit of Gopher (among 
many others) is that the original compressed files are uncompressed on the 
However, the EMBL server is so SLOW that I turned to ftp (binary)in the
batch mode. No problem, except that now the files are compressed (ex:
940626.week.Z). Hence I have to uncompress them for my VAX/VMS. Since the
"Z" extension looks like the Unix stuff, I tried LZDCMP. Didn't work. So,
which program should I use? UNZIP, PKUNZIP, GUNZIP, SCHMATZ, SCHMUTZ? 

Couldn't find any explanation in the README files (or maybe I'm stupid).

I sent two messages to EMBL (namely to HELP and to DATALIB) but got no 
answer. This, I must say, is in contrast to the NCBI server where, whatever 
the question, you get the answer before having pressed the <return> key...

So: how can I uncompress those bloody .Z files?

Thanks for your help,


Jean-Loup Risler                     Tel:  (33 1) 69 82 31 34
CNRS                                 Fax:  (33 1) 69 07 49 73
Centre de Genetique Moleculaire	     Email: risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
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