Multiple Alignment Software preferences?

Greg Schuler schuler at sparky.nlm.nih.gov
Thu Jun 23 12:33:58 EST 1994

> >I have had several very kind replies to my query. The concesus of opinion
> >rests with GDE from Harvard (a UNIX package, unfortunately),  MACAW from 
> >ftp.bio.indiana.edu for Widows and AeqApp for the Mac (use gopher). Also 
> >mentioned were ClustalV and DCSE  (from uiam3.uia.ac.be). I have been playing 
> >with MACAW and have found it easy to use.
> MACAW is also available for the Mac, it has the same appearance
> as the Windows version 
> and works well, in my experience.  It does have some minor bugs
> but I have been able to work around them and I would recommend it to
> anyone who wants to stick with their Mac.  In any case, they issue
> new versions at a rapid pace and the bugs I encountered may be
> fixed by now.

The latest release (currently 2.0.3) of MACAW may be obtained by
anonymous FTP from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.  There are several versions,
each located in a different directory below pub/macaw:

Directory               File to get     Platform
=====================   =============   ================================
pub/macaw/win16         macawzz.exe     MS Windows 3.1
pub/macaw/win32-alpha   macawzz.exe     MS Windows NT on DEC Alpha
pub/macaw/win32-intel   macawzz.exe     MS Windows NT on Intel 
pub/macaw/mac-68k       macaw.hqx       Macintosh 680x0

A number of bugs have been reported in the 2.0.3 release.  I regret
to say that I have not had time to fix them yet, but hope to get
back to this soon...

Greg Schuler

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