Gopher vs WWW

Gerd Kloeck biot004 at wrzx12.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Jun 22 02:27:31 EST 1994

Michael Benedik (bchs1b at Elroy.UH.EDU) wrote:

: Would someone be so kind as to explain the difference between
: gopher, WWW, mosaic and other similar internet information retrieval
: systems?

Try FTP from rtfm.mit.edu:
(I think there were six file belonging to)

This guide is an introduction to internet and its possibilities.
'Hacker slang', 'special graphics' ( :-) ) and access
tools like archie, gopher, veronica, www, wais, ... are described.
Additional information how to get access to more information are
also given.


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