Software for Tracking/Showing Plant Breeding

Rodney D Sanders rdsand at ccmail.monsanto.com
Wed Jun 22 03:59:27 EST 1994


I'm not sure where the best place to ask this question is, but here goes...

I'm looking for software programs for the Macintosh (although if I can only
find Windows, I'll look at that too) which handle plant breeding
information.  The program could be in the form of an educational program
which teaches about this topic and/or a real, live working program that
allows one to enter and track the information.  I'm hoping that such a
program would use all of the standard P1, Sn, Bn, Fn terminology, etc...

I'm currently looking at ways to handle this kind of data, and I'm trying to
see how others have handled this in existing commercial packages (how is it
displayed, how is the data related, how generation is computed, etc.) before
I build an internal system here.  

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!  I'd appreciate a direct
E-Mail reply since I'm not able to look at these newsgroups very often...

I'd be willing to post a summary of what I receive if anyone's interested.

Rodney Sanders
rdsand at ccmail.monsanto.com

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