Where do *.vbx files come from? (was Re: Rasmol/rasmenu)

Tue Jun 21 23:58:06 EST 1994

in article <Crr9J1.D3q at midge.bath.ac.uk>, 
bsspak at midge.bath.ac.uk (P A Keller) writes:

>I don't have cmdialog.vbx either. Nor do I have the file threed.vbx which
>is mentioned in raswin.mak, or any other *.vbx files. I have looked through
>my Windows installation disks, without finding any *.vb_ files, and I have
>checked on a colleague's machine, which was only delivered last week, and
>there are no *.vbx files there either. Are you sure that these files are
>not part of Visual Basic? I am cross-posting this to
>comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.tools, in the hope that someone there can
>provide more information on availablilty.

*.vbx is visual basic custom control. cmdialog.vbx comes with visual basic
professional edition 3.0. this file should be included in any vb app 
distribution disk(s) requiring it. you should be able to get it from the
vb app developer. this file may exist at ftp.microsoft.com (at
softlib/mslfiles directory).

hope this helps.

keyuan jiang, vanderbilt university (jiangky at vuse.vanderbilt.edu)

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