Where do *.vbx files come from? (was Re: Rasmol/rasmenu)

P A Keller bsspak at midge.bath.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 11:23:24 EST 1994

In the referenced article, martinb at CAM.ORG (Martin Bechard) writes:
>yagi2 at scripps.edu wrote:
>: Hello,
>: When I try to run the rasmenu program, it stops with a message "cannot
>: find cmdialog.vbx".  I suppose the program expects to find this file in
>: the \windows\system directory.  Could someone tell me what it is and
>: if it is available from somewhere?
>This file contains the common dialogs used by Windows applications. It is 
>supposed to be included with every copy of Windows version 3.1. Also, the 
>makers of this product could supply you with it. Also, if you know anyone 
>who uses Windows 3.1, their \windows\system directory should contain the 
>Martin Bechard

I don't have cmdialog.vbx either. Nor do I have the file threed.vbx which
is mentioned in raswin.mak, or any other *.vbx files. I have looked through
my Windows installation disks, without finding any *.vb_ files, and I have
checked on a colleague's machine, which was only delivered last week, and
there are no *.vbx files there either. Are you sure that these files are
not part of Visual Basic? I am cross-posting this to
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.tools, in the hope that someone there can
provide more information on availablilty.


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