Where do *.vbx files come from? (was Re: Rasmol/rasmenu)

Eric F. Johnson johnson at kestrel_pc.scripps.edu
Tue Jun 21 14:25:55 EST 1994

In <Crr9J1.D3q at midge.bath.ac.uk>, bsspak at midge.bath.ac.uk (P A Keller) writes:
>I don't have cmdialog.vbx either. Nor do I have the file threed.vbx which
>is mentioned in raswin.mak, or any other *.vbx files. I have looked through
>my Windows installation disks, without finding any *.vb_ files, and I have
>checked on a colleague's machine, which was only delivered last week, and
>there are no *.vbx files there either. Are you sure that these files are
>not part of Visual Basic?

Yes, they are part of visual basic

Eric F. Johnson
The Scripps Research Institute

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