Mac in MolBio: Peter Markiewicz?

Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Mon Jun 20 10:40:34 EST 1994

I have a document dated December 1990 by Peter Markiewicz
titled:  Using the Apple MacIntosh in Molecular Biology.

It says that a new version should be published in early 1991.
I think I got thei s document from the IUBio archives, but
I cannot find it, nor an updtated version of it there now.

The e-mail address listed in the document is:
but this is no longer a valid address.
I searched Phonebooks and so on, but can
find no address for Peter Markiewicz.

Anyway.  The document is a nice review of many different
molecular biology computer applications.  I would
like to get an updated copy if one exists.

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