Research on Advanced Programs for Gene Sequence Detection and Analysis

Jeff Heck Heck at utklib.lib.utk.edu
Mon Jun 20 16:43:33 EST 1994

        Sorry for the last two inadvertent postings of my message header.

        I am a library and information science graduate student working on a 
library support project at the Center for Environmental Biotechnology at the
Universtiy of Tennesse, Knoxville.

        We are trying to locate research on advanced software programs 
designed to detect patterns of gene sequences not found in current databases 
and to interpret the resulting patterns.  We are not limiting the search to 
any particular computer systems.  We are looking for research on advanced 
techniques including parallel processing.

       As I have not read this newsgroup previously, I apologize if info on 
this topic has been posted previously.

Alan Goslen
e-mail: agoslen at utkvx.utk.edu 

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