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Sun Jun 19 16:48:54 EST 1994

I posted this notice on three other bionet groupts (general, cell bio and
molbio.methods/reagents), so if you saw it there, I am still asking.
We are a fairly small 4 year college, all undergraduate.  We have ben
(been) able to convince the administration to spend money on equipment
and supplies (and are discussing a new building).  However, for four
full time biology faculty and one adjunct, we have the following:
One topoftheline IBM computer, two very old computers used as word
processors, and dumb terminals to converse w/ internet.  The one
computer serves the faculty and over 100 undergraduates.  The Administration
has refused a number of requests for computers, both for student use in
the department, and for office use...apparently with the belief that
biologists don't need or use computers...
So, I turn to fellow Internet surfers - please, if you teach, reply,
so that I can develop strong, supported arguments about the damage
we are doing our students and ourselves:

Number of faculty and computers in office (types, if possible)
Number of Undergraduates and the computer number and types available
in the department for them to use.  How the computers are used in
teaching: specific programs, if possible.
Any arguments you can provide, or references...we know they will have
to bite the bullet and get us computers, but we need them NOW!, and
I'd like some help to push us forward.
Thanks for your patience.
Sue Katz, Assistant Professor of Biology, Doane College, Crete, Nebraska
DKatz at Doane.edu

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