Protist CD for Macs

Sat Jun 18 00:02:02 EST 1994

For those looking for bio application software and CDs useful in teaching class
es:  Several CDs for use on Macs are available from the ETI workgroup in europe
for a very modest cost.  You need system 7 and 4MB ram to run the one I got wel
l.  The data base includes photomicrographs, both light and electron microscope
 as well as drawings and a very useful key to the protists.  A brief introducto
ry section on methods in the beginning as well as maps of the North Sea area wh
ere boundaries of bloom organisms are known makes it a very complete package as
 such.  The upside is that it is a great teaching format.  The downside is that
it deals with only the algae and protozoa of the North Sea,off the coast of Nor
way for the most part.  A network of scientists is being formed to update the d
ata base with more data and such from other areas and habitat types.  I am told
 that there are also similar format CDs for some types of animals.  The email a
ddress to contact for more information is els at eti.bio.uva.nl.  The person answe
ring the line, Els Kranendonk, is very helpful.

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