TCP/IP for WfWG 3.11

Thu Jun 16 06:58:04 EST 1994

Thanks to all who pointed me to the Microsoft FTP (FTP.MICROSOFT.COM) where
a beta version of Microsoft TCP/IP for WfWG is available. If others are
interested, however, I must warn them that Microsoft TCP/IP for WfWG does
not allow SLIP or PPP connections, and since QVTnet does not seem to work
well with Trumpet Winsocks, it comes that if you want to use SLIP you'd
better stick to old Windows 3.1 ;-)
Microsoft says they are going to include SLIP support in their upcoming
Chicago (Win 4.0), which will include full TCP support (that's what they
say), so I should either:
1) uninstall WfWG 3.11 and install Win 3.1 again (my veins tremble...)
2) wait for Chicago to come out (December? would you trust old ma Microsoft?)
Anybody has a better idea? (BTW the problem with QVTnet, Trumpet Winsocks and
WfWG 3.11 under SLIP is that the connection is established OK, and everything
seems to work, except that after 0.5-2 min the connection is lost, without
either QVTnet or WInsocks noticing it. No fiddling with winsocks or QVTnet
setup parameters has solved the problem).
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